Kansas Relay

Please Note: The Kansas Relay system has had both an increase in calls and people are making longer calls as they reach out to friends, family, employers and others during the COVID 19 pandemic. Because of these factors it may take Call Assistants (CA) a little longer to answer the caller.

Please help us spread the word to folks in our communities who use the Relay System that the system is working fine, but that there is a high call volume right now so it might take a little longer for their calls to be answered.

Check out this video for an explanation of the challenges that Covid-19 presents for the Relay System presented in American Sign Language (ASL) and including English subtitles.


ASL Videos on TRS User Registration Database are now available

  • The FCC’s Disability Rights Office has received several inquiries about the new centralized database for registering users of video relay service.  In response to these inquiries, the Disability Rights Office has released a series of American Sign Language (ASL) videos about the Telecommunications Relay Service User Registration Database (TRS-URD), in a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) format.
  • TRS User Registration Database FAQ (American Sign Language) »
  • Video in YouTube »
  • For more information, contact the ASL Consumer Support Line at (844) 432-2275 via videophone or email them at DRO@fcc.gov.

Information About Devices

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