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Due to Covid-19 concerns, ATK’s consumer services and staff activities will be online only.

ATK Director Sara Sack, says, “Assistive Technology for Kansans and all of its services remain open although there will be changes in access from face-to-face to online or paper contact only.”

Kansans are invited to use the statewide toll-free phone 800-526-3648 to contact their regional AT Access Site. Offices are located in Oakley, Salina, Topeka, Garden City, Wichita, and Parsons.

AT Specialists are available to talk with you about your AT needs via email, phone, Skype, Zoom, or a variety of other online options. ATK contact information can be found online at Please let us know how we can assist you in meeting your AT needs.

Three women in a meeting one is a wheelchair user

Borrow a Device - ATK Device Loan Inventory

Each of the five regional AT Access Sites provide device demonstrations by appointment. After you identify the concerns or barriers you want to address, experienced ATK staff will show you devices that might be right for your needs. Together you will examine the various features of each device and identify the features that are most important to you. Once you make a decision, ATK staff can refer you to local or state vendors and help you identify funding resources.

ATK has devices to demonstrate in the areas of vision, hearing, speech communication, computer access, daily living tasks, mobility, vehicle modifications, environmental modifications, recreation and sports, and learning, organization and memory. Regional AT Access Sites have different inventory so devices may need to be transferred to your regional AT Access Site for your demonstration. Please schedule demonstrations in advance so the right devices are available.

Rhonda Etter, AT Specialist, explains how "See and try a device" works in this video, ATK Device Demonstration »

To schedule a demonstration, call 800 KAN DO IT (800-526-3648) or email your regional AT Access Site. »

Video Demonstration: Activities of Daily Living

Magnide Easy-Slide for Closed Toe Stockings This video demonstration shows how to use this sock-aid to put on compression stockings/hose using the Magnide Easy-Slide, a Juzo Easy Pad, and a reacher. Length 3:00

Borrow a device

Short term loan

ATK has equipment for short-term loan so people with disabilities or health conditions, service providers, employers, educators and others can determine if a device meets their needs. Equipment can be borrowed from the ATK Equipment Loan System for up to four weeks. A smaller inventory of devices is available from the regional AT Access Sites. The program has limited funding for equipment purchases and shipping. You can help ATK serve more people by picking up a device whenever possible or by making a contribution toward shipping and/or acquisition of new inventory.

If you know what you want to borrow, you can search by device name in the ATK Loan System inventory field below or you may conduct a general search in the categories of vision, hearing, speech communication, computer access, daily living, mobility positioning and seating, vehicle modifications, environmental modifications, recreation and sports, and learning, organization and memory. If you can't find the device you're looking for, contact your regional AT Access Site to see if there are other options for borrowing equipment. ATK staff review equipment requests to prioritize device purchases when funds are available.

Device Demonstrations (video)

AAC & iPad Apps
Apps available on the iPad to assist individuals with communication, task completion, and learning are demonstrated and include Proloquo2Go, TouchChat, Can Plan, Pictello, Flip Writer, and Proloquo4Text. Presented by Alicia Troike, Assistive Technology Specialist, Southeast AT Access Site, SKIL and Assistive Technology for Kansans. Website: Website: or toll-free phone call: 1-800-526-3648. Length: 12:51

by Freedom Scientific, is a fully functional Windows 10 computer that is designed for the Blind. The ElBraille offers every component that you would have in a traditional computer in a sleek design and it works with the Focus 40 Braille Display. a refreshable Braille Display that can be used as a standalone notetaker or in conjunction with the El Braille device. Demonstration by Mikel McCary, Assistive Technology Specialist, Northeast Access Site, TILRC and Assistive Technology for Kansans. Website: or call: 1-800-526-3648. Length: 5:49 mins.

To search the ATK Loan System inventory, learn more about the loan process or to borrow equipment, select the link below.

ATK Device Loan Inventory »

Information About Devices

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