How to Apply

To apply for equipment, complete the appropriate KS TAP application, have your disability or health condition certified and mail the application to the KS TAP office.

To download a Kansas TAP application, click the appropriate link below:

KS TAP Equipment Application (accessible PDF) » (Telephones and Accessories; Signalers)

KS TAP Equipment Application (fillable form PDF) » (Telephones and Accessories; Signalers)

KS TAP Mobile Technology Devices Application (accessible PDF) »

KS TAP Mobile Technology Devices Application (fillable form PDF) »

Mail completed applications to:

2601 Gabriel
Parsons, KS 67357

Completed applications may also be faxed to 620-421-0954.

(KS TAP applications were updated 1-14-2020)

Resources: Handouts and News

Telecommunications Apps to Consider for Accessibility Handout

KS TAP annual training in Wichita, March 9, 2017, (article printed in The Insider (KU Life Span Institute at Parsons newsletter)

Common Concerns

Eligibility: The Disability Certification section on page 3 of the Equipment Application needs to be completed by a licensed professional. The following professionals may complete this section for you depending on your disability: audiologist, ophthalmologist, optometrist, physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, speech pathologist, or vocational rehabilitation counselor.

You can apply for new equipment every four years. You may reapply earlier if your disability or health condition changes and different equipment is necessary. A statement from your certifying professional is required documenting this change.

Receiving your equipment: TAP staff will review your application and will contact you if there are questions or if your application is incomplete. TAP staff will order the equipment and have it shipped directly to your home or a person you designate to receive it.

You own your equipment. Please remember to send in any warranty cards to the manufacturer or vendor. Use surge protectors and take care of your equipment since it can only be replaced every four years.

Information About Devices

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