ATK is the Kansas statewide program

Every state and territory has a Statewide Assistive Technology Program. Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK) is the Kansas program.

Statewide AT programs share the same mission

To increase access to and acquisition of technology for persons with disabilities of all ages and all disabilities.
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Increase access to technology which meets a person's individual needs

All programs provide demonstrations of technology to individuals so they can determine if the technology will meet their needs at home, school, and at work.

A "try before you buy" philosophy

Devices may be available for short-term loan (4-6 weeks) to test whether the technology might be a solution.

Equipment reuse and reassignment programs plus multiple programs focused on financing technology help individuals acquire the technology that will meet their needs.
AT Specialist shows a Mom and her Toddler a tablet for them to try.

Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK) is coordinated by the University of Kansas and activities are guided by an Advisory Council of technology users and state agency representatives.

Statewide services are provided by subcontractors with regional offices in:

  • Oakley and Garden City, Western AT Access Site, Northwest Kansas Educational Service Center (NKESC)
  • Salina, North Central AT Access Site, OCCK, Inc.
  • Northeast AT Access Site, Topeka, Topeka Resource Center for Independent Living (TILRC)
  • South Central AT Access Site, Wichita, Southeast Kansas Independent Living (SKIL)
  • Southeast AT Access Site, Parsons, Southeast Kansas Independent Living (SKIL)

Consumers may choose to work with K-Loan

In Kansas, when personal funds are needed to finance the technology, consumers may work with K-Loan, a consumer-run financial loan program that offers reduced interest rates and flexible repayment schedules. Southeast Kansas Independent Living (SKIL) operates the financial loan program on behalf of Assistive Technology for Kansans.

For more information, visit the K-Loan website.

Learn more at AT3

To learn more about Statewide Assistive Technology Programs in other states and territories contact the National Assistive Technology Act Technical Assistance and Training Program, also known as AT3.