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Due to Covid-19 concerns, ATK’s consumer services and staff activities will be online only.

ATK Director Sara Sack, says, “Assistive Technology for Kansans and all of its services remain open although there will be changes in access from face-to-face to online or paper contact only.”

AT Specialists are available to talk with you about your AT needs via email, phone, Skype, Zoom, or a variety of other online options. ATK contact information can be found online at http://atk.ku.edu/contact-atk. Please let us know how we can assist you in meeting your AT needs.

Are you, or someone you know frustrated trying to use the telephone? Is it difficult to hear or understand the conversation? Do others have a hard time hearing you, or ask you to repeat yourself often? Is it challenging to dial a phone with small buttons or hard to read displays? Perhaps you don’t always hear the telephone ring or can’t get to the telephone in time before the caller hangs up.

TAP coordinator discusses adapted telephone specifications.The Kansas Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) can provide you with a telephone specifically designed to help you with any of these difficulties.

TAP provides these specialized telephones FREE to those that qualify. Kansas residents with existing telephone service and income below $55,000 per year will qualify if they also have trouble hearing, seeing, speaking, remembering, walking, or holding a telephone.

Call 800-KAN DO IT (800-526-3648) to contact your regional Assistive Technology Access Site for Kansas TAP information.

What is TAP?

The Kansas Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) is an equipment distribution program. The purpose of the program is to provide specialized telephones and other telecommunications devices to Kansans with disabilities who can’t use traditional home telephones. Based on a state law, the program receives funds through the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) and is regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC).

Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK) began to manage Kansas TAP in May 2014. The management office is located in Parsons and each of the regional AT Access Sites and the affiliate office assist with applications and provide demonstrations.

Information About Devices

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